Our Services

We are a multi-disciplinary, African construction firm with origins in project and programme management. These services are complemented by a comprehensive range of specialist services that enhance our core business, reduce risk and add value.

We can combine and tailor our services to address your unique needs. Our service quality is unique in the industry. We actively invest to ensure we are the best in the market and remain committed to delivering cutting edge services and leading the industry through our commitment to results.

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Project & Programme Management

The Challenge:

Whether they are deploying new technology, consolidating critical support functions into a shared services model, or implementing new processes, organizations are constantly challenged to deliver new programs and initiatives effectively on time and within budget. These initiatives are usually complex and include participation from a number of departments, agencies, or third-party firms.

Keeping a diverse team aligned to achieve a common goal can be extraordinarily challenging. Without the appropriate disciplines, structure, and communication in place to manage the initiative, teams can easily find themselves behind schedule, over budget, and unable to deliver the intended results.

The Solution:

Yaetsho works collaboratively with its clients to implement a programme management approach that ensures all parties are aligned and able to deliver. We proactively integrate client resources into the process and programme structure. This approach allows us to leverage the unique expertise within each organization, develop buy-in from client staff, and support an organization’s integration of the final solution into its daily operations once the initiative is complete.

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Development Management

  • Yaetsho offers incisive professional advice to landowners and developers across all market sectors. We tailor strategy to clients’ needs. Our objective is to deliver high quality service that maximises the value of clients’ property assets.

  • Our unparalleled service is supported by market knowledge and experience. Our team has a proven track record in identifying development opportunities and recommending appropriate strategies to realise value. We have been involved in some of the largest residential development sites in South Africa, and act for a variety of clients straddling the public, institutional, corporate and private sectors.

  • Successful promotion of development sites requires good timing, effective project management and an expert team of professional advisers. Our planning and development teams have vast experience advising developers, actively promoting land for development and securing planning permits.
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Construction Management

  • At the earliest stages of your project, Yaetsho already has the successful endpoint in view. Clients rely on our in-house expertise for responsible stewardship of capital projects.

  • We take the chaos out of construction and delivery and serve your interests from start to finish.

  • We proactively drive your construction projects to completion.

  • For start-to-finish success, professional construction management from Yaetsho helps you reach the successful endpoint you envision.

We take the chaos out of construction though our state-of-the-art project delivery systems. Our proactive approach to construction reduces costs, improves quality and minimizes claims during construction. Our skilled construction managers bring professional construction expertise to your projects.

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Energy Management

The obligations of business are increasing as the costs of energy skyrocket and the potential impact of climate change becomes reality,

Energy management can support an organization in reducing operating costs, improving competitiveness and demonstrating its commitment to both operating in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Whatever your energy management goals, Yaetsho has an experienced team of professionals in place to support your organization in achieving them.

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Property Asset Management

Many clients have benefitted from Yaetsho’s professional asset management services. Our team has the expertise and experience necessary to evaluate the various financial, physical, and legal aspects of your real estate holdings.

We focus on the ‘value’ of properties, with the objective of adding worth to an organization’s portfolio. Our professionals will operate from a clear understanding of your wants and needs, applying sound investment principles that will deliver superior portfolio performance, regardless of market conditions.